Comprehensive Software for Multi Shipment Final Mile Delivery

Customized logistics and final mile delivery providers demand a technology platform that brings agility, speed, and automation, ensuring seamless coordination between your teams and customers at every stage of the delivery process. Small to Regional final mile delivery providers are turning to Key Software for its integrations,business model, and software solutions that deliver a customizable technology platform that optimizes performance across on-demand, e-commerce, retail, same-day and next-day distribution, scheduled, routed, and warehousing verticals. We’re excited to show you how Key Software provides the onlycomplete solution in the market today.



Integrations can help fuel your business with growth opportunities with shippers who want to automate the delivery process with EDI and API technology. Our high-octane method for integrations is a winner, putting our customers at the forefront of carrier selection when shippers look for quality delivery partners.

With an Open API option and over 400 pre-built Off-the-Shelf Integrations in our library we can have your integration installed in a few business days, removing weeks of frustrating waiting time connecting to your customer. Integrations span healthcare, auto supply, office supply, e-commerce, retail, and food delivery to name a few.

Our Integrations team also designs and develops custom integrations to shippers and outside applications to support the needs of our customers. With an efficient project management process, integrations are completed within a couple of weeks.

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Sort Codes

Bring precision to your package sorting process with our Sort Code functionality. Sort Codes are visible on package labels, order entry, and review screens, facilitating swift sorting and ensuring operational continuity, especially crucial for Same Day and Next Day Distribution services. Codes are automatically generated based on the pickup and/or delivery location of each order, and when partnered with a conveyor belt for high volume sorting a complete harmonization between data and operations takes place, ensuring accuracy and efficiency across your distribution network.


Home Delivery Scheduling

Xcelerator simplifies scheduling for home delivery, product installation, and service maintenance. With a built in 2-way SMS communication, you can easily interact with customers/consignees and drivers quickly while keeping a full audit trail per order. In case of any delivery issues, utilize built-in Case Management for quick resolutions, ensuring a smooth experience for customers. Xcelerator provides your team with visibility, automation, and the right tools to maintain exceptional customer service.


Optimization and Sequencing

Xcelerator’s dynamic optimization engine delivers visibility of stop-sequencing and ETA’s based on the best delivery approach. ETA’s factoring in real-time traffic and dwell time are easily shared amongst operations, drivers, and shippers through automated notifications, reducing manual touch points, phone calls and check-ins, while rounding out the customers delivery experience.


Pickup and Delivery Driver Proximity Alerts

Your customers and consignees can receive up to 10customizable notifications via email, text, and push notifications. More recently, proximity alerts have gained popularity and are sent when drivers are within a mile of the pickup or delivery address, helping the consignee prepare to receive the packages and enhancing the delivery experience for all parties involved.



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