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and Optimization Solution

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Xcelerator is a customizable high-performance delivery management solution that empowers you to deliver an incredible user experience to your employees, mobile workforce, customers, and consignees that span across Last Mile, Same Day & Next Day, Distribution, Scheduled, Routed and On-Demand deliveries. Xcelerator brings it all together, from dispatch automation to home delivery scheduling, route optimization, accounting, driver settlement, and more…


We've Got You Covered


Solidify your customer relationships and attract new business with customer facing portals, apps, and resources that help them fall in love with your company on each delivery performed.

Your customers will love the live quoting, detailed customized tracking, and reporting they can receive from the customer portal or your branded mobile app with white label or App store presence. They’ll take you for granted with accurate ETA’s, automated notifications, driver in-motion tracking and reporting based on their needs.


Always On Point

Delivery businesses are choosing Xcelerator as their delivery management and optimization software of choice for its unmatched versatility, reliability, and precision that Ops teams rely on to ensure customers and drivers are aligned every step of the way.

Customize your dispatch automation logic and choose between fully automatic or assisted dispatch to inject high-performance solutions in your Ops. The option to remain manual is also yours, feel free to go at your own pace. Provide your Ops team with real-time event monitoring and geofencing for extreme accuracy to ensure deliveries happen at the correct location. Your team can focus on exceptions, while you focus on scaling your business.







Many carriers are taking on new delivery types, like Home Delivery, to grow their business and take advantage of the ever-increasing need for Final Mile Delivery. As our customers’ technology partner, we adapted to those changes in the industry and have created a built-in Home Delivery Scheduling component, with 2-way chat to propel our customers efficiency and communication methods. We help carriers become more efficient by removing workarounds and “things to remember”, while also consolidating outside 3rd party systems that may be in use to account for the shortfall. Either way you look at it, Xcelerator helps you push performance to the next level.


Some Serious Horsepower


Our engine brings complete visibility of stop-sequencing and ETAs based on the best delivery approach with built-in Route Optimization. ETA’s factor in real-time traffic and are easily shared amongst operations, drivers, and your customers, reducing touch points, phone calls and check-ins, while rounding out the customer experience. Combine Route Optimization with Dispatch Automation to throttle operations at your level of comfort. Choose from Manual, Assisted or Fully Automated Dispatch to help you scale with limited overhead, increase on-time performance, and put focus on the exceptions.




Built-in Dynamic Route Opt and Sequencing. Eliminates 3rd party costs and support time Traffic Conditions


Supplies customers and consignees the ETA’s from Real Time Traffic Conditions


Use with any form of dispatch automation, or none at all


Late order consideration, Next-day reattempts


Whether it is home delivery, product installation, service and/or maintenance calls, Xcelerator’s Scheduling feature enables a seamless scheduling experience for your customer service team and more importantly, your customers and consignees. Connect with customers via 2-way SMS for instant and easy scheduling and to handle unique requests, rescheduling needs, or even cancellations.

Home Delivery Scheduling

Xcelerator now brings you the convenience of Scheduling, whether it’s home delivery, product installation, service and/or maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Easily interact with customers via 2-way SMS for their scheduling needs and gain insight to when your customer schedules, cancels or re-schedules their delivery. When the delivery doesn’t go according to plan, work through the challenges with built-in Case Management to reassure your customer of a swift resolution. Your team has the visibility, automation and toolset needed to ensure you continue to deliver an incredible experience for your customers.


Your Xclusive Xcelerator Network

Interconnect is a built-in virtual network that is exclusive to Xcelerator customers and connects two Xcelerator user companies so they can freely exchange delivery opportunities between one another. The connection takes less than 5 minutes to establish and instantly provides both partners with a seamless, real-time solution for data exchange to complete deliveries. This Xclusive Xcelerator Network helps expand your geographic footprint, increases revenue, and elevates the efficiency of each delivery provider.


Full Coverage
in all 50 states


101 Companies
participated in an Interconnect transaction in 2021


Over 2.5M
Orders in Interconnect since release


Avg increase in revenue per company that used interconnect


Where the Rubber Meets the Road


Back-office administrative teams provide the solid foundation that supports your operational excellence. In Xcelerator, Admin teams set the stage by easily creating custom pricing rules, lending to a flawless accounting process from invoicing to collections. Seamless credit card payment processing, and an effortless driver settlement process helps your team save hours-upon-hours of lost time that is currently tied-up with frustrating manual tasks. Apply automation rules to your accounting and HR process to gain even more traction.


Only solution with full accounting