Long gone are the days of "dots on the map" technology, which would tell a dispatcher where the vehicle was headed or if it had arrived. With increased concerns regarding driver safety and logistics costs, managers are embracing something more than a data mapping middle ware.

Dynamic Route Optimization is a fully automatic route optimization feature, offered by courier management software, that analyzes huge amounts of mapping data in just seconds to give you the best routes. Dynamic Route Optimization makes ensures cost and time effective route planning for the delivery team of a courier company. All this only helps to maximize efficiency for the business.


The key advantages of route optimization include:
• Automated optimization solutions
• Integration & correlation of data
• Data translation and standardization
• Increase in new sales
• On-boarding services
• Additional source of recurring revenue
• Reduced vehicle operation costs
• Increased dispatcher productivity


Routes optimization uses a multitude of parameters to solve a complex efficiency equation. The optical parameters include:
• Cargo capacity
• Pickup or delivery destination
• Vehicle/driver's schedule
• Vehicle capabilities
• Stop dwell time
• Vehicle/driver designated stating/ending points

The Dynamic Route Optimization feature helps in reducing complexity, cost and performance degradation, wherever possible. Its functions are seamlessly integrated into the logistics management application.

In response to inputs from the drivers, Dynamic Route Optimization keeps re-optimizing the routes to provide real-time solutions. It also corrects common data input inconsistencies.

Integrate Xcelerator, working with SmartRoute, into your courier management system to achieve just the right balance of accuracy and performance.


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