Courier companies are making a great contribution to the evolution of business all over the world. However, time is money for courier businesses too. They constantly need solutions that connect and simplify every part of the delivery system. Gone are the days when courier managers used a white board to follow up on deliveries. Courier dispatch software incorporates all phases of the business, including on-demand, routed and scheduled work, distribution and cross docking operations, warehousing and LTL. It gives managers complete visibility over drivers and vehicles via real-time, customizable dashboards. Complete visibility ensures improved operations, better management and timely deliveries.


Courier software features a dispatch board, online order delivery, GPS mapping, warehousing, distribution EDI/OS & D reports. It also manages accounting, invoicing, accounts receivables, driver settlements and collections.

Mobile courier software, available for use on smartphones and tablets, scans pick-up and delivery, captures signatures and scan history. All of this allows:

• Greater management control
• Real time information through a single dashboard
• Easy report generation to track progress
• Complete protection of data
• Setting of driver performance standards
• Improved customer service

Our final mile software solution, Xcelerator, is designed for last mile, same-day, next-day, distribution, e-Commerce and warehousing. Freeing people from being bound to just one browser, this courier software features cross-browser functionality across tablets, laptops and PCs to enhance user experience.


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