I can’t imagine a one-star review for this company (probably a competitor). Like Harold and Chase said, this is the best courier software provider in the industry. I’ve been using them for years and have been able to steadily grow my business using Xclerator and MobileTek.

John Voigt

The most user friendly, comprehensive, dispatch system out there. Doesn’t require Linux or special server. They will host or you can host. Has signature capture, online GPS tracking, built in warehousing that lets your client view there inventory online. Mobile app. Can view on any browsers. Reall…

Chase Michaels

Br Re

Luis Melvin Gonzalez

Excellent company, we use them at NPD Logistics. The program is more advanced than anything else out there……


We have been using Key Software’s flagship products, Xcelerator and MobilTek since 2009. We are highly satisfied as it meets our needs and exceeds our expectations. The company provides a steady cadence of cutting-edge enhancements with each subsequent release. The software helps us to be a leader…

Harold Boyett

Key has developed a truly amazing system. In the 15 years that I have been a user, the system has improved and expanded in many useful ways. It is an integral part of my company’s growth, and is a selling point with new clients, both local, as well as international.

Adam Autera

We are a long time client and continue to be very happy with Key’s Xcelerator/MobileTek software and service.

Nicholas Standlick

Marc Coben

Soniq has utilized Key Software’s Xcelerator system for over a decade now. We are very happy with the system capabilities, ongoing improvement updates, and the support team!

Soniq Transportation & Warehouse

Excellent product, Awesome Support and open to hearing new ideas.

Zip Logistics Dispatch

Peter Petino

Mike Milam

Key Software has been our vendor since 2009. We’ve been able to evolve the solutions we can provide to our courier clients because of the constant developments they make to their product. They have proven time and time again to be easy to work with. We truly value this partnership!

Excel Group

Outstanding courier and delivery software. Always on the cutting edge of the industry and open to customer feedback and ideas. The Key Software team is the best!!

Kyle Stewart

Jeff Weingard

Joseph Azzaro

Overall good program and constantly making enhancements. The support team is great to work with.

Leadfoot Express

Dana Haiduc

Great company to work with have been a customer for a long time and I can honestly say that our experience has been great with this company thus far !

Mahir Butt


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