The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for the global economy, and the courier industry hasn’t been spared either, despite the move to online shopping and doorstep delivery. Before the pandemic, the global courier and delivery services industry was projected to grow at 3.7% in 2020, according to a report by IBISWorld. But with the pandemic-induced disruption to the global supply chains, manufacturing and consumer spending, the industry is expected to contract by 4.1%.

Although there has been an increase in demand from the household markets, this has been unable to cover for the decline in the commercial segments. Additionally, global operators are facing lower delivery density, increased average daily miles and higher delivery stops. All this has become a major hindrance to profits.

In such a difficult environment, it is vital to have the right tools to improve productivity. One of the most helpful products for this is cutting-edge Delivery Performance and Optimization software for your company. But you cannot just go with any courier software. It is crucial to choose an accurate and fast one. Here are some of the ways the best fast courier software can help you.


Around 13% of the consumers do not order again from a place, if their delivery was late, according to a consumer study by Oracle Retail. Consumers don’t just want their shipments on time, they want them before time. Gone are the days when consumers would be willing to wait for a whole week for their deliveries. These days, it is common for people to expect one-day delivery, if not same day delivery.

Reliable delivery software can be incredibly helpful in this. Such software is enabled with a GPS system, which can optimize and automate routes to ensure the fastest route to the destination, according to an article by Key Software Systems. When creating the route, it considers traffic levels, road blockages and even the other deliveries that need to be completed by the same vehicle.


Using fast and efficient courier software, you would be able to reduce the amount of human effort required in making reports. Detailed and accurate reports can be easily generated by the software. These can then be shared among all the stakeholders. This reduces the need for more employees, while saving time for existing ones. Even costly phone calls and faxes can be eliminated with these reports.

Apart from these, accurate delivery performance and optimization software can provide you precise insights into delivery and employee performance. You can even compare the analytics over time to know about your progress.