Who’s got your back when you need it most?

After you migrated to a new software platform and you’re making deliveries with ease, what happens when you need help?

When you need support, you are in a bind with your customer and need help now. Most providers have an automated phone system, leaving you with an empty feeling inside, hoping someone checks the voicemail and gets back to you today. Support is an extension of how the vendor views your relationship with them as the customer.

  • How many support techs does the vendor have?
  • How much turnover do they have on that team?
  • How do they sound on the phone when you call?
  • Do you close support cases or do they?
  • What are their SLA’s?

For a 24/7 business like yours, you want to find a company that provides live 24/7 support, along with highly trained support techs when you call.

Pro tip: Answering machines don’t have your back…
Look for a company that goes beyond the ordinary when it comes to support. Key Software has a 2-ring policy when customers call. Our phone won’t ring more than twice when you call…Ever!