If you run an e-commerce shop and want to stay relevant throughout 2019, it’s vital you learn what your customers want and give it to them. Failing to meet their expectations can cause them to leave you and go straight to your competition. When you don’t fulfill the hopes of your clients, your business will suffer more than you might think. The good news is that you can defeat that problem by learning exactly what your customers want in 2019. The information below will let you stay relevant and move in the right direction.


Over the past few years, many delivery companies have implemented software for the fastest possible delivery times. Some companies try offering two-day shipping at a low rate, so more and more customers expect prompt service. People want instant gratification when they place an order online, and you have to keep up to avoid falling behind and losing customers. Even if you have trouble offering next- or two-day shipping, you can take steps to improve your delivery times, and every bit helps. Your customers will notice the effort and be much more likely to shop with you again in the future.


Almost every delivery company now offers status updates on the orders it ships, allowing customers to get real-time updates on package locations. This lets them know the day on which they will receive their order, and many of them plan their schedules around this information.

Find a way to let your customers know where their packages are at all times, or at least provide location updates each day. Customers are quick to abandon companies that don’t offer updates in favor of ones that do, and you can’t afford to fall into that trap. Delivery software lets you track that information and pass it on to those who need it most.


In addition to fast delivery times and status updates, customers are going to expect support in 2019 and the years that follow. If packages are delayed or other issues come up, customers want to know you will give them helpful support. They won’t want to shop with you anymore if your team does not answer their questions or offer the solutions they need. Since your customers are the life of your business, go out of your way to keep them happy and treat them well. You will be pleased with the result when you see how much of a difference a courier management system with a helpful support team can make in your customer service effort.


The competitiveness in the delivery industry has caused customers to raise their expectations. Staying ahead of the pack and maintaining the loyalty of your customers requires you to understand and meet their expectations at each turn. Dispatch software can let you reach that goal without much effort. With the right software, you can track each shipment and find the best possible routes.

Key Software Systems offers a complete courier management system on which you can depend. When you use our courier tracking software, you can keep track of your vehicles and spot problems you would have otherwise missed. These and other features let you optimize the speed at which you get your deliveries to your customers, and you can enjoy the rewards for years to come.