Dispatch management is one of the most crucial tasks of a service company aiming to provide fast and efficient delivery operations. The task involves matching customer and equipment needs with appropriate field service workers. Organizations are increasingly choosing to use dispatch software that automates and optimizes field workers’ schedules across geographies thereby boosting productivity.

Dispatch software replaces the earlier manual system of using whiteboards, email systems and online calendars to schedule deliveries thereby saving a lot of time and effort.

The use of dispatch software allows identification of personnel with specific skillsets and finding the nearest workers by using a routing tool. The software also uses historical data and traffic patterns to create more accurate and realistic schedules. The software can even be connected to mobile devices, allowing people to access it from anywhere.


  • Better Management: The use of dispatch software allows service providers to become more organized and say goodbye to cluttered workspaces, constant follow-ups and reminders. One single software takes care of all the aspects related to the dispatch function.
  • Simplifies Dispatch: The software allows optimization of schedules by matching the most suitable personnel to a specific task or delivery. Instant availability of information allows for better use of time and personnel.
  • Saves Time and Efforts: The software saves time and resources by eliminating wasteful overhead spending on overtime, extra travel and downtime.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Courier and other dispatch services can retain their customer base and attract new ones only by offering the best services. The use of software allows them to plan the fastest routes and ensure that deliveries are on time. It also allows sharing of real-time information between the customers and the dispatch team.


While looking for dispatch software for streamlining delivery operations, do check these features:

  • Ease of Use: The software should be simple to use and customizable to harness and leverage the power of your business.
  • Dynamic Route Optimization Feature: The inclusion of this feature allows a business to reduce vehicle operation costs, boost dispatcher productivity, improve customer service and build a loyal workforce.
  • Customizable Email, SMS/Text Message Alerts: These allow consignees and customers to have an excellent experience from start to finish.
  • Auto-Dispatch and Assisted Dispatch Facilities: This feature allows hands-free dispatching besides assisting dispatchers to find the best worker for an order based on a set of user-defined rules, real-time conditions and artificial intelligence.
  • Inbuilt Accounting: This feature allows the faster generation of error-free invoices.
  • Analytics: Apart from providing real-time information, the software should allow stakeholders to customize detailed reports for enhanced decision making. In fact, you can choose a solution with a free mobile reporting app to make it even more convenient.

Systems that automate the flow of time sensitive information are important. However, systems that can streamline operations, maximize the use of your resources, provide accurate information in well-defined reports, and ensure an excellent customer experience help your company attract new business, increase efficiency and boost profits.