In today’s highly competitive business landscape, the primary path to success lies in being able to not only meet but beat customer expectations. And, this is no mean feat, given the high expectations of today’s consumer. What with ecommerce giants offering same day delivery and last mile delivery is the norm, effective courier management has become the key to growth.

In a 2018 survey of 1,000 consumers, 92% said that they would stop purchasing from a company after three or four instances of poor customer service, says an article on Forbes. You might not have expected this to be one of the areas where courier dispatch management software can prove useful.

Such software solutions can help businesses that provide package delivery services by giving greater control over each step of the delivery process. Here’s a look at some of the other unexpected benefits of courier dispatch management software.


Courier dispatch management software comes with an inbuilt web portal or dashboard that can be used for providing better customer services. This way, customers can effortlessly get information regarding their package without the need to interact with your representatives and then wait for them to check on the status of the package. They can also get access to real-time information about the progress of the delivery, right up to their doorstep.

This software’s portal will also assist you to keep all the information of the customers at a single, accessible place.


By using an efficient courier dispatch management software, you will be able to decrease the effort associated with making manual reports. The software will automatically generate detailed reports according to your preferences, and this can be shared with different departments, office locations, and personnel in your network.

Also, you will no longer need to maintain and store voluminous files and records of various deliveries. The system will have all the details required to track the progress and performance of your business.


Ensuring smooth and timely delivery of packages, while allowing you to track the process via GPS through last mile delivery. This improved delivery speed can help your business, given that 54% millennials are willing to pay more for same day delivery.


Going paperless will mean that you enhance your business’ reputation as an environmentally conscious and responsible entity. Also, the additional costs related to the use and storage of physical documents can be done away with.

The global market for courier management software is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 11% through 2021, says an article on BusinessWire. This shows the growing popularity of technology in the logistics and delivery arena.