Transporting packages efficiently from manufacturers to customers has always been a challenge, but changing demands for route optimization are putting more pressure on companies to enhance delivery. How can we keep customers happy as e-commerce giants continue to adopt cheaper and faster shipping options? Last mile delivery software can help us overcome some of the biggest obstacles faced by the courier industry today.


Responding to customers’ demands for speedy shipping puts a higher cost burden on B2B companies. Last-mile delivery already accounts for 28% of total delivery costs in the e-commerce industry, and seasonal fluctuations in demand can eat into profits. Reducing spending requires a strong focus on improving efficiency in every step of the delivery process.


Although faster shipping costs companies more, customers want to pay less. This is why programs like Amazon Prime work so well. Customers are willing to invest in a premium option designed to save them money over time. Not every e-commerce model supports such programs, however, so it’s our job to identify areas throughout the supply chain and in distribution channels where spending can be minimized and translated into lower shipping costs for customers.


Positioning distribution centers close to where the largest number of deliveries are made in an area reduces driving time, fuel costs, and empty miles. Spotty coverage means lost productivity and a greater chance of delays. Using dispatch software to identify locations with high concentrations of customers helps companies plan better distribution networks and increase productivity across the board.


Rush hour traffic, road work, construction, and special events can all cause drivers to lose time on delivery routes. Dispatch software takes these conditions into account and identifies the fastest alternative methods of getting packages to their destinations. It also anticipates potential problems with weather conditions and simplifies the process of choosing the best distribution location from which to send drivers.


Tracking codes provide very little detail regarding the whereabouts of impending deliveries. Our customers expect more than a status update declaring a package will arrive sometime “before the end of the day.” They want to be able to follow their orders through the full journey from warehouse to doorstep so that they can plan for the exact time of delivery.


Today’s courier software solutions solve the tracking problem and resolve issues with where and how packages are delivered to specific locations.This is done by providing customers with a portal through which they can manage their orders, communicate with delivery drivers, and make specific requests. Putting control in our customers’ hands reduces time spent on service phone calls and makes it easy to respond to demands in real time.

With the help of a comprehensive courier management system, we can be the first to overcome the challenges of last-mile delivery. Maximizing the efficiency of every route while keeping costs under control enables any company to meet the needs of its customers and provide the best possible experience with every delivery.