MobileTek by Key Software Systems, is proud to announce a newly formed partnership with Scandit, a leading provider in mobile data capture technology. Partnering with Scandit will compliment MobileTek by advancing the scanning capabilities of the smartphones built-in camera, providing a more cost effective, user friendly and robust mobile application to the user, while increasing driver performance and productivity.

Along with increased scan speed of the built-in camera, MobileTek customers will immediately see the difference in performance and increased scan percentages coming from the drivers. Leveraging Scandit’s technology will also help MobileTek users overcome adverse conditions such as awkward angles, distance, low lighting and in some cases the need for scanning damaged barcodes. Carriers will also be able to eliminate an extra device from the driver, along with the hundreds or thousands of dollars related to that extra hardware. With Scandit built into the MobileTek application, carrier companies will have an all-inclusive total solution that delivers high performance and fully compliments the BYOD environment, enabling drivers to use their existing devices without additional pieces or cost.

Company President Charlie Pisciotta adds, “Scanning always presented our customers with several challenges and cost of implementation for the hardware was the biggest. While smartphones helped reduce the need for expensive rugged devices, some carriers continued to have related hardware costs by adding Bluetooth scanners in high-volume scanning environments to compensate for a slower method of camera scanning. We’ve helped to eliminate those added hardware costs and increased the camera functionality in the application with the help of Scandit. MobileTek users will now have the power of a rugged dedicated scanner built right into the app, increasing productivity and providing a lower cost of ownership to the carrier. As an added benefit, carriers can now get away from managing damaged rugged scanners and delayed repair times which factor into lost production and potentially unhappy customers. We know our customers appreciate the continued investment we put into our solutions to help make their businesses stronger and we feel confident they’re going to love this new integration with Scandit.”

Scandit is the leading enterprise mobility and data capture company, specializing in barcode scanning solutions that transform business processes across industries including healthcare, logistics, manufacturing and retail. For more information, videos and details on Scandit you can visit them here: