Wall Township, NJ – Key Software Systems, developers of the leading software solutions Xcelerator and MobileTek are raising the bar creating the most agile last mile, same day software application on the market.  Key Software provides fully-customizable solutions designed to help couriers, messengers, delivery and logistics companies streamline operations, gain market share and improve communications to customers and their mobile workforce.

Xcelerator and MobileTek provide a rich toolset bringing together on-demand, routed, distribution and warehousing workflow in one end-to-end solution.  Signature capture, scanning, EDI, GPS, documents imaging, online order entry, tracking and much more are complimented by unparalleled customer service and support.  Development at Key Software is always evolving and consistently improving not only extending existing products with new options and features, but also adding brand new products to meet and even inspire the diversification of our clients’ businesses.

Partner and Systems Architect, Chris Miller states, “We entered this market in 2001 with a major advantage.  The web had matured to a point where we could build a world-class, enterprise application on web technologies.  This brought great power and flexibility to customers which could never have been achieved with typical windows applications. Now Xcelerator has the flexibility to run on any operating system with any modern browser in a PC or tablet environment.” He goes on to state, “As companies embrace the BYOD model for their mobile workforce, it’s vital that we support all leading smartphone operating systems.  It’s exciting to say that MobileTek is the first in the industry to support Windows Mobile, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.”

Always putting the customer first and following through on their feedback, as a thank you, free mobile apps are offered to benefit both the shipper and the carrier.  MobileTek introduced hyperSHIP in 2014 to provide customers a real-time, same day delivery app, branded with the carrier’s logo enabling the shipper to place orders in seconds and track orders down to the captured signature. Company President, Charlie Pisciotta says, “We really wanted to help our customers compete against the new technology based delivery companies like Uber and Deliv, who are app based.  The hyperSHIP app, not only provides the shipper with a sharp, accurate and quick way to place orders with the carrier, but it also gives the carrier valuable information on how their customers are using it.” In 2015 MobileTek released another free app called Vantage Point a mobile dashboard app that delivers interactive KPI reporting on the carriers business to Executives and Managers for off-site accountability.  Mr. Pisciotta states, “We came up with the idea to build a feature-rich mobile application, Vantage Point, for our customers to keep track of their business while on-the-go.  And what better way to say ‘Thanks’ than to provide these mobile apps free, to further increase the high value of their Xcelerator subscriptions.”

Select Express and Logistics based out of New York City is a leading provider of same day, next day and white glove nationwide delivery.  Recently making the transition to Xcelerator President Errol Cvern, said, “Xcelerator and MobileTek have been wonderful for us.  We recently switched to the software and the capabilities for our clients as well as communications with our agents and IC’s out in the field has been overwhelmingly successful.  We are a much better company, we are much better for our suppliers and our customers because of this software.”

Xcelerator & MobileTek are enterprise-class software solutions designed by Key Software Systems, for today’s courier, messenger, logistics, distribution and warehousing industries.  For more information, screen shots and detailed descriptions, visit or call 732-409-6068 to speak with a representative.  Follow us on Twitter for up to the minute technology information @KeySoftwareSys.