If you own or run a business in the carrier industry, it’s vital you keep up with the latest trends to prevent your company from falling behind. The good news is that you can take advantage of recent software packages and mobile apps to keep your business on track for success and long-term profitability.

From applications that backup your files and let you create databases, to last mile delivery software, having the right apps on hand can make a positive difference. Keep reading to explore some of the top apps worth considering.


All businesses must store customer data, financial reports, and other files that are vital to ongoing success. Some companies overlook the importance of creating backups and face the unthinkable as a result. Imagine the impact of losing your files and not being able to get them back; your business could fail.

Mozy is an easy-to-use, online backup solution that combats the problem and gives you peace of mind. Whether you need to store files generated by dispatch software or secure financial documents, Mozy will do it automatically.


When you want a solution that lets you create, edit, and manage databases, FileMaker Pro is the product for you. Storing customer files, travel logs, and other data points that are critical to your carrier service are some of the things the system can do. Some people have trouble publishing this data to the internet when needed, but you will never encounter that issue if you use FileMaker Pro. This software features easy web integration so that you can publish your reports without stress.


As far as many carrier companies are concerned, mobile driver management tools from Key Software Systems are a great choice for streamlining communications to your mobile workforce. Our mobile software allows you to track accuracy with barcode scanning and track drivers with GPS. It also enhances the customer experience with SMS text messaging, giving you visibility for each step in the delivery process.

As a result, last mile delivery software gives you the power to find areas of weakness, so you can make improvements and boost your overall productivity.


Using the latest software and technological advances is key to beating the competition and staying relevant in a crowded market. You can create and manage reports with the touch of a button, and backing up your essential data will be easier than ever.

Distribution software lets you monitor every order you ship so that you can improve delivery times and keep your customers happy. If you are serious about keeping your business moving in the right direction, consider trying these apps right away.