If you manage a business and ship items to your customers, you may be wondering how you can improve your productivity. We know it’s stressful to track orders and hope that your drivers are taking the fastest route to deliver products to consumers. Now, you can have much more control over your operations. You will soon discover how the internet has changed the way products reach the destination, and how you can take advantage of the latest technological developments. Key Software Systems has the latest courier software and last mile delivery software on the market.


Making sure your orders reach their destination on time starts way before they find their way onto your trucks. Staying ahead of schedule begins when you receive your order and prepare it for fulfillment, preventing your company from wasting time and money. Courier software allows you to see the second you get an order so that your team can respond without delay.

You will no longer need to waste time checking logs or calling the receiving center to know when to send a new shipment to a customer, and you can view all open orders from any computer or smartphone with an internet connection.


Our last mile delivery software allows you to have more control over the loading process than you once thought possible. When your dock workers grab the box and scan it before placing it in the truck, the dispatch management software will automatically mark the item as loaded. Knowing the exact minute your orders reach the truck lets you find areas that you can improve to enhance your delivery times. Increasing your productivity not only boosts your profit, but it also makes your customers happy.


Those who use the solutions of Key Software Systems know where each vehicle in their fleet is at all times. If a truck does not arrive on time, you can review the logs and see where it went wrong so that you can avoid the issue in the future.

Your drivers won’t need to worry about getting lost because they will always know the best route to use. This feature makes a huge difference by letting you maximize your effort and efficiency. When you see how much faster your fleet can perform, you will know taking advantage of the latest technology was a smart move in the right direction.


The internet changes the way products reach end users by allowing businesses to have much more control. over their fleets. From tracking orders and load times to monitoring trucks on the road, dispatch management software improves the way you do business. The speed with which you can get your products to their destination will make you smile, and the people you serve will also be pleased with the improvements.

If you want to stay ahead of the herd and keep your business on track, embracing technology and looking to the future are the answer. Keeping track of your team will be simple and boosting your efficiency will make you shine.