Software and hardware technologies have been evolving at a rapid rate for several decades, and recent advancements have revolutionized the way that couriers manage their operations. Courier software enables logistics businesses to make data-driven decisions with minimal effort, giving fleet managers more time to focus on important strategic decisions. The software brings all available data together in one platform so that fleet managers can quickly recognize problems and implement solutions. It is designed to give managers the best tools available to improve the efficiency of their operations.


Advanced software is transforming how businesses conceptualize route planning to improve efficiency and reduce uncertainty. Modern route planning software integrates with the computer systems of suppliers, couriers, and e-commerce websites to calculate the best route using all available information. This software can connect businesses that need to send shipments with couriers to find mutually beneficial opportunities to reduce costs and save time. Xcelerator integrates with our Interconnect dispatch management software to help couriers capture new business from our partners instantly.


Attempting to manage an entire fleet of trucks is an arduous challenge for couriers that run large-scale operations. In fact, one of the primary barriers to growth for many carriers is the challenge of coordinating the resources of their entire fleet with minimal overhead costs. Fleet management software uses real-time data about a courier’s fleet to ensure that resources are distributed with optimal efficiency. GPS data enables managers to track the progress of their drivers while planning ahead for future actions. The software also leverages a wide range of data, such as vehicle specification databases and historical information, to help decision makers apply the lessons of past experiences to improve the efficiency of their current operations.


Customers in the modern world have no tolerance for errors because inventory management software has helped to nearly eliminate the possibility of mistakes. In former times, customers would be understanding when companies ran out of inventory or sent packages to the wrong location, but modern customers accept no excuses for inventory handling mistakes. Computer systems enable couriers to track shipments throughout the fulfillment process, and this information can be used to plan ahead for shortages and correct errors in a seamless process. Our software is integrated with inventory management systems so that dock workers can verify shipments to improve accuracy and accountability.


Keeping track of shipments is a critical aspect of managing a successful courier business. Fleet managers can utilize delivery software that helps to oversee shipments that arrive at a customer’s location. Modern courier software uses advanced data about deliveries to help companies learn from past experiences and provide more responsive services. Delivery management software also helps to reduce errors since fleet managers can confirm the arrival of shipments. If a shipment does not arrive at the proper time, fleet managers can take immediate action to implement a solution. Software that helps logistics companies track deliveries is, therefore, critical for success in today’s business world.