In 2019, the global courier services market was valued at around $341 billion, according to a report by 360 Markets Update. But like most other industries, the courier industry has also been reeling under the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The global disruption in manufacturing and supply chains has meant that the revenue growth expectations for the industry have changed from growth of 3.7% to a decline of 4.1% in 2020, according to a report by IBIS World.

In such difficult times, courier companies are doing everything they can to cut costs. One of the best ways to achieve this, without productivity suffering, is by using delivery software. Here are some of the ways such software can lower your costs.


Real-time dispatch can be synchronized using service dispatch software, according to experts at Key Software Systems. This allows each of the partner companies to be aware of time sensitive critical information such, as scan history and signatures. With this, the need for time consuming emails as well as costly faxes and phone calls can be eliminated.


Courier dispatch software utilizes GPS technology to find the best possible route. It takes into consideration any roadblocks, heavy traffic and stops the driver needs to make. With route optimization, you can save on fuel that would otherwise be used for each delivery.

In addition, with an optimized route, you would be able to make faster deliveries. This is a major benefit in today’s age of same day delivery. After all, 13% of customers say that they would not like to order again from the same place if their delivery is late, according to a survey by Oracle.


Delivery software also comes with a built-in report writer. You can easily view reports on driver performance, activity and delivery. You can even compare reports from different time periods and know about the progress. This makes identifying issues early, that could otherwise end up increasing costs.

Apart from these, dispatch software can help with proper order entry. This helps in efficient organization of dispatch and delivery.