Enhancing Your Home Delivery Scheduling

In the dynamic landscape of modern delivery services many carriers are taking on new delivery types like Home Delivery to grow their business and take advantage of the ever-increasing need for Final Mile Delivery

Xcelerator’s recent deployment of our home delivery scheduling component has been a homerun with customers that have been doing home delivery for a while and using other systems, as well as customers entering the home delivery landscape. Carriers that were using another system to perform the scheduling tasks have been able to eliminate that outside system, consolidating and saving money while improving efficiency with everything now included in Xcelerator.

With home delivery, communicating with consignees, drivers, and shippers to keep them sync’d up can be an enormous challenge. Overcoming this challenge and automating it is the key to success. Xcelerator helps carriers simplify communication with customizable automated notifications as well as a two-way chat component that is tethered to the order and package in question. Two-way chat supports practically all multi-media as well, seamlessly addressing requests, resolving concerns, and rectifying issues ensuring everyone is thrilled with the delivery experience.