If you run an ecommerce site that delivers products to clients, there are a couple types of solutions that are available to you, to increase productivity. Typically speaking, you can look at an enterprise resource planning system and a separate freight forwarder, or fulfillment house software like Amazon. You can also choose to use a courier management system that combines all the elements into one integrated package.

For shippers, the decision can become important because if your competitors are able to leverage their own software and port their data over to a forwarder or courier more efficiently, it can put you at a cost disadvantage.

Here are some ways that you can compete effectively with companies that utilize services like Amazon:


Most firms are used to using a CRM or an ERP to help them guide their work processes in ways that can be shared with all the employees and stakeholders. ERP software can bring you large economies of scale. At the same time, shipping and courier software features that are built into online malls often extend the software that you are already running onsite. They can make you more competitive.

The primary problem is that features on websites are not necessarily integrated with your existing software. This means that you can end up doing twice the work as you port your data over to a place like Amazon.

When you use courier dispatch software or courier delivery software that is built into solutions like Key Software Systems, you will be giving your employees the capability (and advantage) of easily accessing integrated data using computers or smartphones.

Of course, whether you are using delivery software or distribution software as part of your system, you will recognize how having the capability to make changes and customize your client’s experience starts to give you more power than someone selling on Amazon and relying on their own dispatch management.


Since your software package can accept EDI and other types of connectors that allow you to seamlessly go out on the market and work with global companies to deliver your products, leveraging your courier dispatch software to build a network of companies is actually a plan that has already been put into place for you by the software vendor.

The benefit of using existing dispatch management in your delivery software is that it is your courier delivery software features that will bring you access to lower prices that allow you to compete head to head with Amazon. Courier tracking software that gives you accurate delivery estimates and advance price quotations is another feature of distribution software that can beat online malls.

Implementing a courier management system that offers all the benefits of an ERP can help build your infrastructure in a way that makes you more cost competitive. When you add integration with outside firms via your courier tracking software, you end up with an advantage that will save you even more time and money.