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How will the software vendor you choose, remain to be a quality partner for years to come? By providing you with a consistently evolving tech platform.

Look for a company with a business model that is built around consistently updating their platform on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.  Frequent software updates enable you to:

  • Apply new features right away to achieve a higher ROI.
  • Be proactive in meeting your customer demands.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors and sell to your strengths.

If the software vendor doesn’t consistently enhance the application, your technology and your delivery business will eventually become stale and ineffective.

Pro tip: Get your head in the clouds…
Find a company that always evolves its software. It shouldn’t look like 2001 in there! Also consider a cloud-based solution and have the system updated for you. Nothing for you to do but impress your customers and make your team happy!

Thank you to the CLDA for putting on an excellent Final Mile Forum and Expo event this year. It was wonderful to see friends and customers in the exciting city of New Orleans.

Attending events like the CLDA Final Mile Forum enables us to grow existing relationships and quickly form new ones. We also approach industry events as a chance to improve our products; listening to customers as they describe challenges and opportunities. We look forward to seeing everyone for the 2024 Final Mile Forum in Las Vegas!

If you haven’t attended the CLDA, you’re missing out!

After you migrated to a new software platform and you’re making deliveries with ease, what happens when you need help?

When you need support, you are in a bind with your customer and need help now. Most providers have an automated phone system, leaving you with an empty feeling inside, hoping someone checks the voicemail and gets back to you today. Support is an extension of how the vendor views your relationship with them as the customer.

  • How many support techs does the vendor have?
  • How much turnover do they have on that team?
  • How do they sound on the phone when you call?
  • Do you close support cases or do they?
  • What are their SLA’s?

For a 24/7 business like yours, you want to find a company that provides live 24/7 support, along with highly trained support techs when you call.

Pro tip: Answering machines don’t have your back…
Look for a company that goes beyond the ordinary when it comes to support. Key Software has a 2-ring policy when customers call. Our phone won’t ring more than twice when you call…Ever!

2022 was a fantastic year for Key Software Systems – not only for our team, but for our customers who trust their business with us. Thank you for choosing Key Software Systems! Great work this year and thank you for being such an integral part of our growth in 2022.

Beyond the hundreds of minor enhancements, we took on some very large projects to put new and exceptional tools in the hands of our customers. Please see below for some insight on 2022 and what is to come for 2023 from our CTO, Chris Miller, our VP of Software Engineering, Brian Repetti and our Integrations Manager, Ted Mozer.


Chris Miller, CTO

For Key Software Systems, 2022 was a year defined by Evolution, Investment and Security.
The release of Xcelerator Oceana advanced our software significantly, allowing customers to enter new markets with innovative features that the competition simply cannot match.
Beyond adding many new capabilities, it was important to evolve and modernize existing modules to add value, improve the user experience and automate tasks.
KSS also made substantial investments in development resources, cloud infrastructure and security initiatives which will continue through 2023. Looking forward to 2023, there’s so much more we’re going to accomplish as we deliver on our commitments and continue to work with our valued customers to identify what is most important for their success today and in the future.


Brian Repetti, VP of Software Engineering

2023 is here and we are ready. This past year we have made large advancements in security, performance, infrastructure, and development resources.
We added new home delivery scheduling features in our Oceana releases. Now we are focused on the next evolution of our software with our upcoming Panama release. In the first release, you will find substantial improvements to Mass Import as well as improvements to Invoicing performance. We have much more planned for the near future so stay tuned.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve made significant investments in our Azure cloud infrastructure and security, ensuring that your data is always safe and secure. Our state-of-the-art technology provides lightning-fast speeds, increased reliability, and unparalleled security measures. Get ready for a seamless experience and peace of mind as you continue to drive your business forward with Key Software.

We are working hard to make sure that your company has the software and backend infrastructure it needs to succeed and grow not just into 2023 but well beyond.


Ted Mozer, Integrations Manager

In 2022, the Xcelerator Integrations Department saw a tremendous influx of integration requests and connections made. Our team met this demand head on, connecting a record number of customers with shippers and automating numerous, previously manual, internal processes.

Outside of connecting our customers with shippers, we have been modernizing our existing integration development processes. This modernization will help to reduce integration timelines even further, which in turn will connect you with your shippers faster than ever before.

To aid in our pursuit to connect you as fast as possible, with as many shippers as possible, we have also invested in additional development resources in 2022 and plan to further expand in 2023.

Looking to 2023 and beyond. We will continue to refine our processes, grow our integrations library, and fuel your business with growth opportunities from shippers who want to automate the delivery process through integrations.


Thank you to our customers for their devotion to innovative technology and for their involvement in working with our teams to transform ideal concepts into powerful, industry-leading solutions.









Fear of change is the #1 reason companies stay with an underperforming software application. The process seems daunting, and it can be, until you have a plan.

  • Find an experienced software vendor with a proven track record of successfully moving businesses onto their platform within 30 days.
  • Discuss the migration plan at length with the provider to build confidence in the process.
  • Get into the details, try not to gloss over them. When you find yourself saying “if” and “just” then you don’t know enough. Keep asking questions.

A company like Key Software delivers the migration plan to you. Incorporating a kick-off call, a project management team, training programs and a go-live prep review, your software migration will be a step-by-step success!

Pro tip: Attitude is everything!
Getting your team excited about moving to a platform that will improve the lives of everyone setting the tone for a successful migration. Highlighting time saved, ease of communication with customers and drivers, while becoming more attractive to new delivery sales opportunities helps ensure that everyone is benefiting with a migration to the new platform.

Identify your top 3-5 business challenges that need to be addressed with new technology.
Discussing these challenges openly can be an incredible experience that helps you find new ways to optimize and grow your business.  It also helps your software vendor find creative solutions to your business challenges and sets the stage for building a long trusted relationship.

  • When those challenges are addressed, what does your business look like in 3 months, a year, and into the future?
  • Who will benefit and what will the impact be?
  • What does your business look like in that same time if you choose to stay with your current platform and do nothing?

Psst… Don’t forget to identify all your other business needs from customer facing, operations, driver side, HR/Accounting and executive level requirements to make sure nothing is missed in your software evaluation.

Pro Tip:  Always protect your business…
Look to execute and MNDA with the software provider to add a level of confidentiality to your discussions.  It takes less than 5 minutes!

The growth of e-commerce has driven businesses to look for convenient ways to tap into the potential target markets presented by both the B2B and B2C segments. Courier dispatch software helps businesses to convert this dream into reality. It has helped improve both the prospects and capacity of manufacturers enabling them to tap into the B2C segments rapidly growing across the globe. This is good news for most businesses that hope to reach out to new market segments or improve their dispatch management. Let us look at some of the key features to look for in a courier dispatch software.


Today, retailers are concerned with cutting delivery costs. One of the ways of achieving this goal is by rethinking the supply chain. This can be done by using DCs that are connected to and supported by small FCs used to deliver shipments in one package. Delivering the shipments from multiple distribution centers requires the use of multiple shipments, which is expensive. With this in mind, we have tailored our dispatch management software to support DCs connected to small FCs.


Modern computing has advanced to include the use of cloud-based services which are considered to be fast and secure. Granted, dispatch management software requires fast speed internet which can be provided in the cloud. We understand that cost cutting is an important objective being pursued by most dispatch companies. For this reason, we have designed the dispatch management to enable retailers to scale their operations without incurring high costs. Companies using our dispatch software can enjoy extended functionalities of their dispatch management systems fully supported by and hosted in the cloud.


Retailers are interested in knowing the approximate time it would take to ship a product from the manufacturer to their shop. This is important because it helps them map sales and marketing campaigns with accuracy, knowing that by a given time, the products will be in their stores. Our courier dispatch software is designed to give an estimated time it would take for the shipment to reach the retailer.


Our software generates data that can be acted upon to improve the dispatch process. Processes such as rerouting, job allocation, inventory management, and planning can all benefit from data generated from the dispatch software. This can help the retailers ensure that their processes are in sync and ready for receiving the shipment when it is released from the manufacturer.


Our software is compatible across various devices. Today, business transactions are fast-tracked by the use of mobile or handheld devices enabling these transactions to be concluded quickly. Functionalities such as GPS tracking, yard navigation, and retrieval of digital proof of deliveries can all be done on mobile devices in real time without compromising on process efficiency and security.

The growth of e-commerce has led to courier dispatch software helping businesses to convert this dream of B2B and B2C segments into reality.

Engineered for Storefront or White Label Deployment
Your clients know you, love you, and most importantly, they trust your brand.  With the uniquely crafted hyperSHIP app, the real-time push notifications and live driver in-motion tracking, deliver your customers a clear view of when to expect each and every delivery. Available to download from your very own branded Apple and Google Storefront, hyperSHIP delivers a seamless mobile app delivery experience to your customers who are on the move. Contact Key Software Systems today, and deliver more of what your customers love.

Every year, the Key Software Systems team releases updates and new features to their Xcelerator Final-Mile Delivery platform and MobileTek that help their clients deliver the highest level of service. However, this year sheds a whole new light on the company’s big steps into final-mile home delivery service, customer scheduling, and delivery automation with their newest Oceana release in Xcelerator.


“I’m very proud of our entire team and I am thankful for our forward-thinking clients for helping us with requirements,
operational workflows, design input and participation in quality assurance testing,” states Christopher Miller, Chief Technology Officer at Key Software Systems. “This is going to be a huge year for Key Software Systems, and I

very much look forward to showing both customers and prospects the tangible components that will help them delight and attract shippers and put Key Software Systems miles ahead of our nearest, trailing competitor.”

Convenience of Scheduling has an immediate impact on carriers with diversified lines of business that have adopted Home Delivery. With the Oceana release, users can expect a more automated delivery experience for their internal teams
and customers. The new order scheduling feature is a first-class scheduling system, integrated seamlessly into the Xcelerator platform. Whether it is home delivery, product installation, service and/or maintenance, these advancements have you covered. Customer service teams can easily interact with shippers
and consignees through a two-way chat for their scheduling needs and gain insight into when a customer schedules, cancels, or re-schedules their delivery. When the delivery does not go according to plan, users can easily work through the challenges with built-in Case Management to reassure the shipper or consignee, of a swift resolution. Customers will have the visibility, automation, and toolset needed to ensure they continue to deliver an incredible experience for their customers.

Special Driver Attributes prove to enhance the dispatch environment and eliminate risk. It’s critical to match the right driver to the right delivery, and to do so with little effort. Users can create special driver attributes specific to their business needs or to that of the shippers, whether it be a certification, COVID vaccination, or even a custom created attribute. Only drivers with those specified attributes will be able to be selected for the delivery throug

h automated dispatching, assisted dispatch, or manual. Without these attributes, drivers will not be considered for dispatch, making driver assignment more precise, efficient and easier than ever.

Sort Codes increase package sort speed for same-day or next-day distribution operations. Every second counts and increasing package sort speed and accuracy at the dock level provides a streamlined, automated approach to current operations. Sort Codes are customizable, visible on package labels, order entry, and review order screens to support rapid and organizational continuity for same-day and next-day distribution. Combined with a conveyor belt system, the speed and accuracy brought about with the addition of sort codes will have an enormous impact on customer performance.

Pick Up and Delivery Driver Proximity Alerts add another layer to the customer experience and rounds out a vital aspect of customer communication in the final mile. Xcelerator customers can now deliver email, text, and push notification proximity alerts to shippers or consignees, alerting them that the driver is now approaching their pickup or delivery location. Proximity alerts add the ability for the consignee to also watch the driver approach their doorstep in real-time with driver in-motion tracking, as their packages safely arrive at their destination.

Key Software customers can expect to be able to take full advantage of all the new features in March of 2022, when Key Software Systems will release Oceana live to the Xcelerator Final Mile Delivery Platform.

In May 2020, there was a huge increase in web searches for online grocery delivery, amid the COVID-19 outbreak. These trends drove rapid acceleration in the US courier delivery market, expanding the size to an estimated $133.8 billion in 2022.


Image Source: IBIS World

This was not a temporary phase that ended with the reopening of the economy. It marked a secular shift in customer behavior and expectations. Additionally, the pandemic led to supply chain disruptions, forcing companies to better manage their deliverables to remain competitive.

Some companies make the mistake of choosing numerous plug-in modules to ease different parts of the delivery process. However, this approach has proved to be inefficient and ineffective and comes with installation issues and poor support. Instead, it’s ideal to choose a comprehensive, cost-effective and customizable courier software to efficiently meet the expectations of the most discerning customers. The courier software should allow a logistics company to optimize their entire business, from order creation to invoicing, bringing efficiency at every stage and helping scale operations with ease.

To make the decision, here are some signs of the best courier software.

  • Delivery for Different Timeframes – Your company may offer different delivery schedules, like same-day, next-day, or scheduled for a particular date. The courier software should allow for resource allocation accordingly. This is particularly important as the US same-day delivery market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of over 10%.
  • Cross Browser – The software should work seamlessly across browsers so that your team is not bound to one browser. With this, your staff can use the software from anywhere and at any time on their laptops and PCs.
  • Dynamic Route Optimization – This feature will help your company significantly increase dispatcher productivity and reduce vehicle operating costs. This will allow for better customer service.
  • Contactless Options – Choose a software with an auto-dispatch functionality to allow contactless dispatching. Using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence enables the complete automation of operations.
  • Customization – The software should allow customizable SMS and email updates to customers to enhance your brand value. It should also have custom options, like dispatching from multiple hubs and scheduling load and unload times.
  • Free Mobile Reporting App – The software should seamlessly integrate with an app for tracking drivers. With such an app downloaded on driver cellphones, you can track them with GPS, streamline communication with them, and get visual proof of delivery.
  • KPI Reporting – A user-friendly dashboard with interactive KPIs on different stages in scheduling, dispatch and delivery will greatly increase visibility. This allows faster and more informed decision-making through the company.


Image Source:

A robust courier software will not only drive cost efficiencies but also improve customer experience. This is essential in today’s competitive landscape. The good news is that the investment in courier software pays off, with 86% of customers willing to pay a premium for a better experience.

When choosing the best courier software, don’t forget to check their list of clients and partners. This establishes the company’s credibility and the efficacy of its courier software. Also, check their website for association memberships, like the CLDA (Customized Logistics and Delivery Association) and AEMCA (Air and Expedited Motor Carrier Association).


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