Getting the first step wrong in your delivery system can impact the overall efficiency of your delivery software, even if it is the best in the market. Perfecting your order entry is a crucial step in increasing the efficiency of your business and thereby customer satisfaction. After all, in a delivery business, quick and accurate delivery equals happy customers and greater returns.


Think about it, a wrong entry can create a serious challenge. It can eat into the time and when a customer’s express delivery is entered incorrectly, you potentially lose customers. So, in order to increase overall competence, your must nail that order entry process of your delivery software.


1. Understand your Order Entry Interface

To actually enter orders into your delivery software, you first need to understand and learn to use the software well. If you have employees keying in the entries, make sure that they have had proper training. While using the software, explore and test the limits of the system’s interface to ensure you are up to speed with the system.


2. Look at the Further Processes:

Think about related processes like order tracking, order billing and order documentation. After you have entered the order, these concurrent steps will be based on what you have entered. Also, when the process for a single order works through several other departments of the company, it is likely that others will use the information you have entered to carry out the further processes. So, ensure that your order entry and delivery software integrates with multiple platforms, so other departments can carry out their jobs without a glitch. This ensures that all orders are delivered, billed, and tracked properly.

3. Be Prepared for Changes:


Certain orders might have to be changed unexpectedly, or might come with special instructions, communicated later. Meaning, in such cases you might have to enter information in fields, in such a way that no changes are made to the original order. Learn to make such changes, you must be able to adapt, without losing speed or accuracy.

4. Remember the Pricing Policy:

If you enter an order with inaccurate pricing, correction issues might become tedious and can even displease customers. Further, corrections will require the delivery to be put on hold. Your company’s resources and time will be wasted and the overall effectiveness will be questioned. Always double check the price’s accuracy before submitting the order.