The majority of people today value speed in fulfillment and delivery. Instead of being willing to wait for packages and papers to arrive in the next week or two, managers and workers want items in two days or less with many willing to pay extra for same-day courier services. Only 60% of consumers are willing to wait over five days for a delivery according to a 2016 survey. An even more recent survey shows that 13% of consumers will not order from a company again if a shipment is late.

With shipment delivery times being so important, you may be wondering what you can do to ensure that your deliveries arrive quickly, on time and in one piece. With courier delivery software, you can schedule your deliveries, see exactly where your packages are and understand how fast your delivery driver is moving on his route. This knowledge can help you keep customers happy while reducing delays. Courier delivery software is particularly important for businesses in the following industry sectors.


Printers know the importance of getting vital documents to individuals on time. Whether it is a document that needs to be signed by a certain date or printed conference brochures or wedding invitations, printed materials must go out on the correct day. When printers use courier software systems, they can rest assured that documents are delivered on time.


Many health care facilities routinely send out lab work that must be delivered by hand. Others send prescription medications and health care equipment to patients. Getting items delivered on time is not only convenient in this sector but also life-saving in some situations. Courier software ensures prompt delivery in the right conditions.


Much like printers, law firms often have documents they deliver via courier services to their clients. Whether used for court case preparations, document signatures or document filing at court, courier services backed by last mile delivery software bring peace of mind and can even save plenty of money.


Many appreciate locally grown food these days and will pay a premium to order food or go out to eat at restaurants that prioritize this. However, local foods must be delivered on time to ensure freshness and the best taste. Fresh foods will have customers coming back for more and will secure a great reputation for a restaurant. Courier software keeps deliveries on track while ensuring that food remains properly chilled and preserved.


Small businesses often do not have access to the fast delivery systems that large companies use. By relying on couriers and courier software, they can get items to customers quickly, winning dedicated customers for life. Courier delivery software is important for home-based businesses as well as neighborhood shops that deliver locally or across the country.

Having a courier software system in place, such as Xcelerator from Key Software Systems, can help you keep deliveries of all shapes and sizes on track while improving your approval rating among customers.