Did you know there are more than 7,500 delivery and parcel companies actively working in the US? These figures published in an article by Market Realist highlight the intensity of competition that carrier companies face today. Moreover, you may be up against a corporate powerhouse with annual revenues of close to $90 billion! With such challenges prevalent in the industry, you need the most powerful courier management solution in order to gain and maintain a competitive edge.

Often companies learn to juggle several balls at the same time and manage to keep them all in the air. Sometimes, they hesitate to step out of their comfort zones and, at times, they don’t want to fix something that does not outwardly seem broken. However, the right courier management solution can result in improved processes, more informed decision making, increased productivity, unparalleled cost savings and better customer satisfaction.



1. Low Real-Time Visibility

Carriers work in a distributed environment setting. Therefore, data is generated from multiple locations, systems and departments. Often one needs to make quick, yet informed decisions. In case there’s a time lag between your need for a report and its arrival, your company needs a more efficient solution. Decisions taken without adequate data or with a significant delay can be detrimental to the growth of a carrier. An effective courier management solution would collate and analyse data, making it available whenever you need it.

2. Rising Costs

With the growth complexity of your business, costs may be escalating. There is an urgent need to identify duplication of effort or time invested into activities that do not yield results. Courier management software can help streamline the process to improve productivity and efficiency, resulting is significant cost savings.

3. Frequent Firefighting

Does your company spend a lot of time micro-managing deliveries? Are there too many delays and cancellations? An upgraded courier management software solution can help you track deliveries better, avoid unnecessary delays and send timely information to your team as well as your customers, according to the details of the Xcelerator software by Key Software Systems.

4. Falling Behind Competition

Are your competitors offering more timely delivery solutions, with instant SMS and email notifications? Do they have access to reporting through mobile apps? Do they have shorter invoicing times and more customizable report generation? It’s time your company gains these advantages to stay abreast of competition.

The great news is that the industry is getting bigger and is expected to continue expanding over the foreseeable future. Looking at just B2C ecommerce, sales are expected to grow from $373 billion in 2016 to into over $500 billion by 2020, according to Forrester’s forecast. With courier management software that is powerful, comprehensive, fully-customizable and user-friendly, your company can continue to reap the rewards of a growing market.