The courier industry has been consistently evolving to match up with the growing demand and optimize service delivery and support. According to recent data published by Statista, the Courier, Express, and Parcel (CEP) market in North America is estimated to be around 90 billion euros in 2020. It is also expected that we will witness a compound annual growth rate of five percent between 2015 and 2025.

With recent technological advancements, there has been a rise in the expectations of the customers as well. However, the key aspects of the courier industry have still been more or less the same.  Speed, Automation, and Accuracy are as important as ever. That is why businesses are now relying on Courier Optimization Platforms to optimize their services and ensure optimum satisfaction to the customers.


The first thing users expect from this platform is to optimize the speed of the entire process. The dynamic route optimization through such a platform helps the drivers prevent delays. It also keeps them updated on real-time scenarios like traffic, weather, construction, and other factors. It makes the entire process efficient and speeds up the delivery at each step, says an article published by Key Software Systems.


A Courier Optimization Platform improves and automates most of the courier process and requires little or no human intervention. It allows businesses to have complete visibility over their operations. Right from scheduling the pick-up to real-time reporting on the status of the delivery, the entire procedure can be handled smoothly with constant supervision at each step. Not only this automation makes the entire process more efficient, but it also makes it cost-effective in the long run.


Another important factor that attracts the users towards Courier Optimization Platforms is the accuracy. With GPS tracking, businesses keep their customers updated on the ETA of their courier. They also restrict unauthorized stops and longer-than-planned times to reach a specific destination and improve the accuracy of the entire process.

According to a report published by McKinsey in 2018, customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated with their demands and almost 20% to 25% of them might opt for same-day or instant delivery if it were available at low prices. Additionally, automation can significantly increase the efficiency of this process. So, the courier optimization service providers will have to constantly innovate and enhance the customer experiences for their users.