The global courier, parcel, and express market is consistently growing along with rising demand and customer expectations. This market has increased from $157 billion in 2010 to $330.34 billion in 2019, according to the data published by Statista. With the growing volume, the demand for quicker and more reliable deliveries has increased as well.

If you are in this industry, then here are 3 amazing hacks to ensure more efficient operations and on-time deliveries:


You may be tracking your parcels during delivery. However, it is also important to keep a track of your inventory inside the warehouse. If you can’t identify the exact location of each item in your warehouse, it will be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. So, you can use delivery management software with an integrated warehouse management feature. It will enable efficient management, improved protection of data, and real-time information through a single dashboard, according to Key Software Systems.

You can also encourage automation at other steps in the process. For instance, try barcode scanners and wireless scanners to save time and reduce the risk of human error.


It may sound like a cliché but route optimization is essential for increasing service delivery efficiency. You should have access to all the necessary information about the orders, routes, vehicles, and drivers. With optimized routes, you can send the right vehicles and drivers at the right time to the right locations. It is an efficient way to boost production delivery efficiency without adding more vehicles and/or drivers.

Additionally, if you know about the driver’s availability and your fleet, you can avoid space wastage in the vehicles and assign the right tasks to your drivers.


It is a simple yet efficient hack to optimize your delivery process. You know that all deliveries are not equally important and with limited resources, you may have to leave certain things for another day. That is why setting priorities for orders based on the on-site location, urgency, equipment available, servicing requirements, and delivery time is extremely important.

For same-day deliveries, you need better solutions. Deploy an order management software that allows you to make changes and adjustments to be made at a moment’s notice and proactively offer solutions to potential client issues, says an article published by Accenture. It will allow you to re-route your team and re-prioritize work orders instantly.

Constantly working on improving your delivery operations processes is crucial for both the customer and your business. These simple hacks can help you boost productivity, monitor real-time data at each step, and keep every member of your organization updated at all times.