Dispatch Automation is where efficiency meets an operational excellence. Choose from three dispatch modes: Manual, Assisted, or Fully Automated. With Xcelerator, you can gradually transition to automated dispatch at your own pace, allowing you to scale operations with minimal overhead.

Combine Route Optimization with any level of Dispatch Automation to turbocharge operations with the best delivery approach. This includes stop-sequencing, ETA’s, time windows, service types, real-time traffic data, and more. Xcelerator’s Automated Dispatch and Optimization engine helps you to increase on-time performance and reduces unnecessary delays. Improving overall efficiency and communication between all parties involved in the lifecycle of an order.

Assisted Dispatch shown below (we can’t show you the fully automated, it’s too fast for a screenshot!) offers your operations team the top driver options considered for that delivery. Assisted dispatch lets you visualize the impact the new order will have on each drivers existing delivery path, and then your team can take it from there!