The growth of e-commerce has driven businesses to look for convenient ways to tap into the potential target markets presented by both the B2B and B2C segments. Courier dispatch software helps businesses to convert this dream into reality. It has helped improve both the prospects and capacity of manufacturers enabling them to tap into the B2C segments rapidly growing across the globe. This is good news for most businesses that hope to reach out to new market segments or improve their dispatch management. Let us look at some of the key features to look for in a courier dispatch software.


Today, retailers are concerned with cutting delivery costs. One of the ways of achieving this goal is by rethinking the supply chain. This can be done by using DCs that are connected to and supported by small FCs used to deliver shipments in one package. Delivering the shipments from multiple distribution centers requires the use of multiple shipments, which is expensive. With this in mind, we have tailored our dispatch management software to support DCs connected to small FCs.


Modern computing has advanced to include the use of cloud-based services which are considered to be fast and secure. Granted, dispatch management software requires fast speed internet which can be provided in the cloud. We understand that cost cutting is an important objective being pursued by most dispatch companies. For this reason, we have designed the dispatch management to enable retailers to scale their operations without incurring high costs. Companies using our dispatch software can enjoy extended functionalities of their dispatch management systems fully supported by and hosted in the cloud.


Retailers are interested in knowing the approximate time it would take to ship a product from the manufacturer to their shop. This is important because it helps them map sales and marketing campaigns with accuracy, knowing that by a given time, the products will be in their stores. Our courier dispatch software is designed to give an estimated time it would take for the shipment to reach the retailer.


Our software generates data that can be acted upon to improve the dispatch process. Processes such as rerouting, job allocation, inventory management, and planning can all benefit from data generated from the dispatch software. This can help the retailers ensure that their processes are in sync and ready for receiving the shipment when it is released from the manufacturer.


Our software is compatible across various devices. Today, business transactions are fast-tracked by the use of mobile or handheld devices enabling these transactions to be concluded quickly. Functionalities such as GPS tracking, yard navigation, and retrieval of digital proof of deliveries can all be done on mobile devices in real time without compromising on process efficiency and security.

The growth of e-commerce has led to courier dispatch software helping businesses to convert this dream of B2B and B2C segments into reality.