To stay ahead in the global race, strategic business changes are essential for courier companies. This is what can help gain a competitive advantage by enabling quicker deliveries, while reducing overall cost. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the global logistics market is expected to witness year-on-year growth of almost 18%, rising from a value of $2,734 billion in 2020 to $3,215 billion 2021, according to figures released by MarketsandMarkets Research. This only highlights the huge demand for courier services across the world, while underlining the need to streamline the entire delivery process, with a focus on last mile delivery.

Courier software comes to the rescue against this backdrop, offering automated dispatching, shipment tracking and a mobile interface to help courier businesses enhance the efficiency of their operations, saving valuable time and resources, according to an article by Key Software Systems. To improve the software’s performance, certain target areas might require an upgrade. So, what are the tell-tale signs that you need this upgrade? Take a look at the top three signs.


Time-intensive, outdated technologies can hold your profits back. If the supply chain is working on old data, chances are that it is wasting resources, effort and time. To improve profitability, switch to the latest version of the software. This will enable all members to work on the same data, with access to new and improved features to optimize deliveries. You can use real-time metrics to implement best-fit solutions.


If you are using the basic version, you are likely to miss out on several advanced features. For example, hourly updates or better visibility to streamline operations might not be available. This can reduce efficiency and put a dent in customer satisfaction too. Your staff might have to perform certain tasks manually, increasing the risk of errors. Therefore, to optimize resources, make sure to upgrade for speed, accuracy and accountability.


The purchasing software must sync properly with the delivery system and communicate well with the warehouse managers through a holistic approach, according to an article on It should be able to offer workable solutions, including route optimization, all services supporting dispatch, auto allocation and a user-friendly booking portal. If these technologies are missing or are underperforming, it is high time you updated the software. It will aid in seamless operations for both international and domestic deliveries.

The courier dispatch software can have an enormous impact on your business. If operations are becoming costlier, more time consuming and inefficient, do not hesitate to switch to a market-leading courier dispatch and logistics software solution. This will ensure operational improvements, while reducing resource load.