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Electric vehicles, the environment friendly alternative to their petrol and diesel counterparts, can revolutionize the current delivery systems. This green tech can bring about a radical transformation for both logistics service providers and the economy as a whole. No wonder, the global electric vehicle industry stood at $118,864 million in 2017, with expectations of it touching a whopping $567,299 million by 2025, according to a report by Allied Market Research.

One great way to optimize delivery is to ensure a planned route and use GPS data to avoid traffic, according to an article by Key Software Systems. Electric cars can ensure unparalleled experiences by ensuring three times faster rides, with greater focus on road safety.

Here are a few areas in which electric cars can have a powerful impact on supply chains.


Thousands of Americans meet with road accidents each year. The main cause is driver negligence, due to intoxication, distraction or exhaustion. Electric cars prioritize human safety and ensure there are less road crashes. Traditional components like the gear box and combustion engine are removed. Instead, brake by wire, adaptive cruise control and lane guidance features are adopted for enhanced safety.


Most electric cars have the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 90%. Along with hitting your business goals, you help preserve the environment too. Consumers today are on the lookout for logistic companies that are environmentally conscious and committed to being eco-friendly. It is a great initiative towards fighting climate change and is already popular among environmentalists, according to an article on NPR. When you are committed to social wellbeing, your company definitely earns a good reputation.


Electric vehicles can save you quite a few bucks. Most cars come with their own lithium-ion battery packs, which only need to be recharged. Therefore, they cost must less than gasoline vehicles. Although the initial cost could be high, running the car will not burn a hole in your pocket. They are perfect for deliveries, since the cars can run for miles on a daily basis. When compared to traditional vehicles, it will cost less than half as much to travel equal distances. Vehicles equipped with large batteries can run for 100 miles till the next plug in. In fact, the more efficient ones can run for 200 miles on single charge.

Electric vehicles are soon to become mainstream and widespread. Undoubtedly, they will bring about a great technological shift in the supply chain industry.

Technology advances have changed the way courier services operate. Not even a decade ago, last mile delivery services were utilizing white boards more than anything else to track the process and execution of deliveries. Today, data is available in the palm of our hands and we have access to more information than ever. However, mobile devices can still be improved to help the courier industries. Below are advancements that smartphones need to look to endure, in order to optimize how courier businesses operate.


When a last mile delivery employee uses a smartphone, the mobile device’s GPS can provide detailed maps, offer helpful instructions, examine nearby traffic and improve a driver’s safety. Once you install our courier tracking software, you may inspect each courier’s route, the individual’s current location and numerous stops. However, GPS accuracy needs to continue enhance, as often times, suggested routes are not the most efficient for time.


Numerous reports have suggested that at least 35 percent of mobile devices have insufficient batteries. If a customer simultaneously uses many mobile applications, a smartphone’s battery could quickly become drained, and when examining a smartphone’s battery life, a customer can evaluate additional features, the screen’s efficiency and the mobile device’s software. Sometimes, high temperatures can also reduce battery life because excessive heat may affect a battery’s internal electrodes.

If a mobile device features a durable battery, carriers could effectively utilize dispatch scheduling software during long workdays, and by improving courier software management, the employees may enhance efficiency, reduce the duration of each task, decrease a company’s long-term expenses, and optimize communication. Likewise, the durable batteries can allow couriers to simultaneously utilize numerous software programs.


Several reports have indicated that more than 85 percent of smartphones contain mobile applications that inefficiently reduce battery life. Ideally, businesses could eliminate unnecessary software or redundant features, and by removing inefficient software, manufacturers could augment each device’s battery life, enhance the satisfaction of buyers, optimize the efficiency of beneficial software and increase storage space.


In January 2018, several experts suggested that companies should create smartphones that are compatible with many networks. By optimizing integration, businesses could reduce long-term costs, enhance innovation, augment the values of many smartphones and decrease the likelihood of technological issues.


Many smartphones have fragile screens that could swiftly become cracked, yet some manufacturers have added reinforced glass that can prevent scratches, reduce the effects of broken screens and withstand numerous impacts. By developing screens that feature reinforced glass, a business could increase the values of many smartphones, protect the internal components and improve the company’s overall reputation.


When a courier utilizes route optimization software, they improve the efficiency of every route, avoid numerous obstacles and reduce the duration of each task. The dispatch management software will effectively enhance each courier’s accuracy. According to various reviews, the courier software system could also help companies to retain experienced employees, and when a business utilizes courier tracking software, the business can reduce long-term expenses, improve the satisfaction of each client and offer timely deliveries.


If you want to learn additional information about our courier management service. You can contact our business by calling 732-409-6068, and our knowledgeable team can answer your questions, and describe all the features our all-in-one delivery management solution offers.


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