Of the many advancements in logistics and shipping, one of the most powerful is GPS tracking. GPS allows vehicles to be tracked in real time. This means that it is possible to see where every vehicle is at any given moment. The utility of such technology is multifaceted. In fact, for companies on the cutting edge of logistics and shipping, GPS tracking as part of your auto dispatch software is nearly essential.


Driver safety is an important issue for everyone. After all, drivers share the road with everyone, and the long hours on the road can pose real risks across the board. There have been many regulations to promote safety for drivers, but GPS tracking as part of your dispatch management software can revolutionize your safety measures. GPS tracking gives managers insight into how drivers are performing at any given moment. This means that it is possible to see if the driver is going too fast, veering off course or behaving erratically in other ways. If anything strange shows up on the GPS tracking, it is easy for the dispatcher to contact the driver for a wellness check.


If you invest in courier delivery software with GPS tracking, you can boost your fleet’s efficiency. With GPS tracking, it is much easier to see which drivers are in the right position to respond to emerging needs. More than that, the increased visibility of a driver’s performance promotes accountability. Since drivers know that they are being tracked more actively, they are likely to boost their performance. Some estimates suggest that the implementation of GPS tracking can improve productivity by up to 20 percent. Fuel costs can be reduced by 15 percent. This means GPS tracking can streamline your routes and reduce delivery time for improved efficiency across the board.


There are many concerns in the logistics industry, but profitability is always important. After all, if you are not turning a profit, then you cannot support your fleet. Some companies are reluctant to invest in a courier software system because of the cost associated with such systems. However, GPS tracking can make sure that you get your money’s worth. In addition to reducing waste and fuel through route efficiency, there are other cost reductions associated with GPS tracking. GPS tracking minimizes the risk of theft. It also allows you to identify vehicles that are in disrepair. These vehicles are expensive to maintain. Overall, GPS tracking may have an initial cost, but it will save your company money over time.


Ultimately, GPS tracking is no longer an optional service in the modern logistics world. If you want your company to remain competitive, you need to invest in GPS tracking as part of your delivery dispatch software. With Key Software Systems, you can find software to fit your company’s needs. Options like MobileTek provide courier management software that includes GPS tracking as one of its features. Contact Key Software Systems to learn more.