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Ecommerce sales in the US are expected to grow from an estimated $504.6 billion in 2018, to more than $735 billion by 2023, according to figures published by Statista. With such a staggering growth outlook, managing products entering and exiting the warehouse has become a challenging task. Efficiently managing products that leave your warehouse can result in huge cost savings. So, here are some tips to improve the process.


A well-defined dispatch process can help avoid a lot of confusion and reporting errors that can arise. Make sure everyone in the warehouse properly understands and follows the process. You should also provide adequate training to the staff to ensure that they are on the same page. Keep in mind, the workflow should be documented to spot any inconsistencies.


Back in the day, courier managers would follow up on deliveries on a white board, a process that was highly inefficient and time consuming. Nowadays, courier dispatch software has made everything streamlined. Such software provides customizable, real-time dashboards for complete visibility on all vehicles and their drivers. This ensures smooth operations, improved management, and on-time deliveries, says an article by Key Software Systems, a company reputed for its courier software solutions.


Here’s how you can make the dispatch process more efficient:


The picking lists should be ready and printed every day before the arrival of the picking team. This ensures that they can get to work as soon as they reach the warehouse and prevent unnecessary delays.


A practical warehouse layout can save the staff a huge amount of time each day. There’s not a best way of laying out your inventory – the approach will vary from one retailer to another. However, a good practice in any warehouse layout plan is to store the hot selling products in areas that are easily accessible and near the packaging area. Another idea, would be to stock the items that are frequently purchases together in close proximity to one another.


Handheld scanners can significantly reduce human error that tends to come in with repetitive tasks. For instance, when a product of the wrong style or color has been placed in a bin, there are high chances of the wrong item being shipped too. This error can be prevented if a barcode scanner is used.

Warehousing and managing products on the go are two critical parts of a company’s cost structure. Performing these in a cost efficient way can improve the overall financial competitiveness of the company, says a report by Research Gate.

Today’s consumers have the ability to instantly transfer money, watch any show they want, and access music with the tap or swipe of a finger. When those consumers order a product, they want to get it quickly! A recent survey of consumers found that speed trumps loyalty when it comes to which company a person will choose for making an order. With our dispatch software, your business will be able to improve your courier management system and get deliveries to customers as quickly as possible.


In a poll of 995 American consumers, 47 percent of them said they spent more in order to get faster service when placing an online order. Of those surveyed, members of the Millennial generation are the most likely to spend more for faster service. More than 54 percent of Millennials say they will pay more to get their item delivered on the same day. Luxury shoppers also want their goods delivered quickly. People buying high-end items will also pay more to get their things faster. If a company does not offer same-day delivery service, it could be leaving a lot of money on the table. Our courier tracking software makes it possible for a company to offer same-day delivery service within a specific geographic area.


When a person can get their order on the same day that they place it, they will shop more frequently. In that survey of consumers, 50 percent said that they would shop more frequently when they can get their orders on the same day. Past research has shown that the more often a consumer shops, the more money they spend. For retailers, this could be a big boon to the bottom line. With our courier tracking software enabling your company to offer same-day deliveries, it can also grow your online sales.


Our courier management system also has the potential to boost customer loyalty. A whopping 74 percent of American consumers say that they are more likely to shop again with a business that offers same-day deliveries. Once a company has managed to attract a customer, it is important to maintain their loyalty. Fast shipping times are as important as the quality and price of the product to today’s savvy consumers. Our software also reduces late and lost deliveries, helping you keep your customers happy and satisfied.


Over the past few years, delivery software has only been available to retail leaders such as Amazon. Today, the affordability of our dispatch software means that smaller businesses can take advantage of the ability to get their goods to their customers on the same day as the order is placed. Instead of choosing the big retailer with the faster shipping option, a consumer might be more likely to choose the smaller local business if they can get the item within the same frame of time. With our delivery software, small businesses gain a competitive edge.


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    Key Software has been our vendor since 2009. We've been able to evolve the solutions we can provide to our courier clients because of the constant developments they make to their product. They have proven time and time again to be … More easy to work with. We truly value this partnership!
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    Soniq has utilized Key Software's Xcelerator system for over a decade now. We are very happy with the system capabilities, ongoing improvement updates, and the support team!
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    We have been using Key Software's flagship products, Xcelerator and MobilTek since 2009. We are highly satisfied as it meets our needs and exceeds our expectations. The company provides a steady cadence of cutting-edge enhancements … More with each subsequent release. The software helps us to be a leader in our industry. All aspects of the delivery cycle are taken care of with ease and precision: from online customer access, order entry, dispatch, integration, tracking, gps, mobile workforce, commissions, invoicing, and all back-office functions.
  • Avatar Mahir Butt ★★★★ 6 months ago
    Great company to work with have been a customer for a long time and I can honestly say that our experience has been great with this company thus far !
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    Excellent product, Awesome Support and open to hearing new ideas.

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