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September 24, 2018



Ask any e-commerce consumer what they most desire and they are likely to say – getting their ordered packages delivered to their doorstep in the least possible time. And, an online retailer who is able to do so will immediately gain a competitive advantage. But this means they need to take care of traffic navigation, parking regulations and increased fuel costs.

Recent years have seen a surge in digital buyers, which has led to the tremendous growth of online sales. According to data published by McKinsey & Company, the cost of global parcel delivery touched €70 billion in 2014, a figure that excluded the cost of pickup, line-haul and sorting. It was further added that China, Germany and the United States held a major 40% of the market that year.


With consumer expectations rising by the day, with a demand for increased visibility and speed of their parcels, e-commerce businesses too have pulled up their socks. They are making every possible effort to increase efficiency and minimize cost of delivery. And, they might just have succeeded. According to Statista, in 2017, the mileage for diesel-based parcel delivery from urban consolidation centers amounted to 1.9 kilometers per cubic meter, which was 45% lower than a traditional B2B delivery.

Courier companies are embracing courier software to achieve last mile delivery. Leveraging mobile integration is allowing them easy and convenient access to last mile delivery software, regardless of their current location, says an expert at Key Software Systems.

Here are some of the best features of courier software that is helping companies achieve last mile delivery quickly and cost effectively.


Today, courier companies are following different types of distribution models, like single pick and multiple drop or multiple pick or multiple drop. Courier software automatically optimizes the route, which drivers just need to follow.


Real-life scenarios enroute may not be similar to what has been planned. Anything that goes wrong, like bad weather or traffic jams, can affect delivery. Delivery software helps you to compare planned routes with the actual routes, while taking into consideration resource capacity and delivery locations to identify the bottlenecks and plan the delivery accordingly.


Even after meticulous planning, when vehicles are on the go, any unexpected situation can affect delivery. Courier software keeps managers in the loop and updated regarding delivery progress in real time. This way, any unplanned route change or customer demand can be responded to immediately.

Moreover, courier software keeps the management aware of the exact location of the delivery staff and vehicles. Drivers and packages can be constantly monitored, which allows for immediate intervention during a breakdown in the process.

September 21, 2018



It’s astonishing how quickly the world of commerce has changed since digital technology became commonplace in business. Most companies now market their products online, and even “strictly retail brick-and-mortar” operations find it essential to market their businesses via the internet. Those who sell products online face an increasing need to offer shipping that can be tracked with delivery software to meet customer demands and manage an ever-increasing number of deliveries.


Almost all the important changes in e-commerce revolve around creating a great customer experience. Customers demand more from online companies because they can so easily migrate to a competitor if dissatisfied. Courier tracking software plays a critical role in the top five changes in e-commerce in the last few years:


Customers won’t stand for delays. Slow-loading websites cause customers to leave a website within seconds. One study found that a 1 percent loss of customers occurred for every 100ms delay, and inaccurate or unavailable real-time inventory figures put up real barriers to sales conversions. The right software can collect inventory figures from multiple warehouses, brick-and-mortar stores, product returns, refused deliveries, and outside salespeople’s contracts to deliver real-time inventory counts to generate more conversions and faster fulfillment services.


Chatbots for on-site customer service are becoming increasingly common, and companies now offer other self-service applications to research products, customize orders, and monitor deliveries with courier tracking software. Customers can choose their delivery carriers or use multiple carriers to reduce shipping costs. This is especially important in B2B sales and large orders of supplies. Last mile delivery software enables end-to-end tracking or orders.


Managing the supply chain and shipping integrations becomes increasingly complex when companies need to plan delivery routes efficiently from the nearest warehouse to reduce shipping costs and speed deliveries. Important issues in planning include anticipating traffic patterns, meeting tight delivery schedules, analyzing truck capacity, and other concerns. Pinpointing accurate delivery times can become a nightmare without last mile delivery software.


Digital tech has turned the world into a global village, and any business can expand sales by selling in foreign markets. However, shipping products internationally and calculating taxes and duties in other tax jurisdictions become very difficult without built-in calculators and delivery software to manage multifaceted deliveries that might involve using multiple carriers, storing products temporarily, and other logistical problems.


One study found that 79 percent of shoppers are more likely to convert on an offer that’s been personalized. How a company captures and uses data is at the heart of all customer personalization efforts. Intuitive business applications–such as courier management service software and last mile delivery software–enable companies and their customers to plan their deliveries and track them more efficiently. Customers can access their ordering histories when reordering, and companies can study ordering data to build better customer profiles for personalized marketing.


Key Software Systems offers user-customizable delivery software that supports the way each business works instead of requiring changes to how the business is run. Courier management software offers automated routing and simplified calculations based on cargo weight, vehicle capacity, highway load limits, and traffic conditions. Contact us today to find out how to manage the complex changes in e-commerce with route optimization and customizable software.


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