The eCommerce industry is massively contributing to the growth of the courier sector, which has led to courier companies experimenting with new delivery models to tackle the growing demand and changing market. Market penetration, a highly important, low-risk business growth strategy, requires a greater number of business locations in order to capture a greater share of the customer base. This can be applied to the courier industry. Let us discuss below how service dispatch software is helping courier companies increase their market share.


Courier companies are thinking broadly about their potential customer, based on their age, gender, ethnicity and income, and are trying to determine where divisions can overlap. In order to increase geographical reach and market share of their business while competing with larger courier services, courier companies are taking advantage of service dispatch software, while partnering with fellow users in other parts of the country to substantially increase the geographic footprint of their business.

Courier dispatch software works with huge amounts of data, generated in the process. Hence, data security, access and handling remains a company’s prime concern, other than ensuring timely deliveries. However, with the help of actionable insights achieved from the data rerouting, planning and inventory management, and even job allocation can be done in minutes, according to our experts at Key Software Systems.


The goal of market penetration is to get in quickly with the product or service, and capture a large share of the market. This creates goodwill, encourages efficiency, expands business capabilities and discourages competitors from entering the market. Courier companies, in order to increase revenue and capture new business instantly, are leveraging service dispatch software, while partnering with software users in other parts of the country to increase their geographic footprint.

A seamless and real-time information exchange takes place amongst the partners through this software, invisible to customers. This way, two courier companies, operational in different parts of the country, can enlarge their geographic service area, delivering packages across the country. The automated and synchronized dispatch-to-dispatch communications system saves both time and money, eliminating any time consuming procedures like e-mails, phone calls and faxes.

Courier companies will never have to turn down a customer ever again only because they don’t service that shipping destination.