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Wall Township, NJ – Key Software Systems, makers of Xcelerator, MobileTek and Fleet Commander, proudly announces the promotion of Patrick Scardilli to Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“Patrick’s abilities and contributions, to both the sales and marketing side, have been invaluable. His innovative thinking and vision will continue to enhance the strategic direction and success of Key Software Systems,” states Charlie Pisciotta, President.

Patrick started with Key Software Systems as a sales associate in 2004 and invested his time learning the complexities of the courier, messenger and logistics business.  Combining a consultative approach and an understanding of the day-to-day challenges of the last mile delivery industry, Patrick has helped over 180 companies of all sizes, successfully transition to Xcelerator & MobileTek.  In his new role, Mr. Scardilli is tasked with strategic planning and coordination of all sales and marketing efforts, driving revenue across all of Key Software Systems product lines, along with building an environment that creates successful long term relationships with customers.

Patrick adds “I’m honored that Charlie and Chris feel confident in my abilities to take our sales team to the next level.  We’ve had a couple of record breaking months this year and we are on track to finish the year strong with double the number of sales we had in 2014, it’s an exciting time. As a company, we have an incredible overall team, who play at a high level and are enthusiastic about what they do every day. It’s an environment that drives success. My objective is to harness that excitement and momentum to continue the upward trend and exceed our goals.”

Xcelerator & MobileTek are enterprise-class software solutions designed by Key Software Systems, for today’s courier, messenger, logistics, distribution and warehousing industries.  For more information, screen shots and detailed descriptions, visit or call 732-409-6068 to speak with a representative.  Follow us on Twitter for up to the minute technology information @KeySoftwareSys.

Fleet Commander is a fleet management software solution designed by Key Software Systems for all your fleet assets.  For more information visit or call 732-409-6068 to speak with a representative. Follow us on Twitter @KSSFleetCommand.


Surviving in the competitive terrain, where last-mile delivery can determine top-line growth, requires the optimization of technology. The benefits of using scheduling automation and dispatch management are many and yet 49% of companies in the United States are still using manual systems to manage the dispatch of their field service engineers, according to the Field Service Management Software Survey, published in 2014. One of the biggest reasons for such few businesses implementing technology is the high cost of implementation, according to 47% of the respondents to this survey. However, the remaining 51% acknowledge that optimizing technology is one of the most critical areas for investment and it is only a matter of time before all companies move away from manual scheduling systems.



  • Advanced Integration Capability: Over one third of the respondents of the Field Service Management Software Survey 2014 stated that they found integrating systems to be a problem. Seamless communication between systems could help provide the kind of visibility that is needed to repeatedly meet one’s Key Performance Index. It is therefore imperative to ensure that the software chosen to manage dispatch should integrate with the existing IT structure of the company.
  • Comprehensive Mobility: Cloud-based management software accords mobility to all involved by providing access to data at any time and from anywhere. Incorporating MDM solutions means that existing devices can be used to access crucial data, and at the same time, being protected by data security protocols. Dispatch management software should be able to work seamlessly with the mobile solution for field management.


  • Intuitive Dashboards: This is often the most overlooked aspect when choosing management software. Asset intensive companies can seldom spare employees for lengthy training and, therefore, the software must be equipped with an intuitive user experience. The courier software provider should have provisions for effective training of personnel, if and when required.
  • Real-Time Updates: Not only should the software allow for automation of dispatch, it should also generate automatic dispatch-to-dispatch communications, synchronized in such a manner that each party concerned can be privy to crucial, time sensitive information. This will save time by eliminating the need for emails, phone calls and faxes. At the same time, scan history should also be just as accessible, so that it can be referred to whenever required.


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