In 2012, U.S. retail e-commerce sales amounted to $225.5 billion and are projected to grow to $434.2 billion in 2017, according to Statista. The e-commerce industry witnesses new players coming on-board every year. With competition growing, it is essential to differentiate yourself from your rivals not just in terms of products but also post purchase services that drive customer satisfaction.



An efficient field management system in place will not only help any e-commerce company meet targets on time, but will also help to save money. An efficient dispatch management software with a good connectivity across all the team members would ensure timely dispatch and greater efficiency on part of the workers. Forty-four percent service management professionals invest in mobile tools to provide field technicians with real-time access to required data and information in the field, while 35% integrate new technologies into existing field operations (iPads, Tablets and other devices), according to the Field Service Management Survey published in December 2013. The survey was completed globally by 45000 professionals.

An efficient service management system can be integrated with the help of web-based software and mobile software/applications. Firstly the variable affecting dispatch systems should be determined and then they should be modeled according to the upcoming targets. The variable may include time, distance, load capacity, traffic, weather, items of perishability and carrying capacity. Some of the most popular software uses GPS tracking, Cloud reporting and many such other tools. The main software could be used and monitored on a desktop which shows the current location of drivers, the deadlines that have been achieved and the ones that are yet to be covered. Productivity of drivers can be compared through charts and tables. The workers carry GPS enabled Smartphones which helps them to receive tasks, report, schedule and execute their work. Such devices which are connected to the main server of the software through a mobile application also helps in capturing field information such as texts, photos, barcodes or RFID scans, signature and more. The major upgrade that comes with such a system is that workers do not have to fill these information manually anymore, which makes this entire process time-efficient.

Such a dispatch management software automates the flow of valuable, customizable and time sensitive information ensuring accuracy, accountability, and greater profits. The data stored can be analyzed to determine loopholes and make future decisions accordingly.