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MobileTek is a customizable mobile app that enhances the driver experience and simplifies the delivery process. It’s all there, from barcode scanning, geofencing, returns, optimized stops with choice of mapping, to visual proof of delivery and managing exceptions. MobileTek delivers drivers the smooth experience they desire and provides carriers with accountability and compliance in the chaotic final mile.



MobileTek makes it simple for drivers to perform pick-ups and deliveries across a multitude of delivery types. Customizable for shipper specific needs like barcode scanning and status-codes, the app guides the driver to each step, ensuring delivery requirements are met. Making a driver’s life easy is what we do, and with geofence automation it’s easier than ever…they hardly need to touch their phone!


Customizable by driver


Paces driver through steps required by your customer


GPS enforceable


Optimized or manual sequencing


Turn-by-Turn Directions


Next-stop automated notifications


Geofence automation – never deliver to the wrong location again…ease, compliance, accountability


Barcode scanning


Signature Capture & VPOD – Contactless with the options to hide or not…making Drivers life easy


PLI & DLI – Beneficial for both drivers and customers



Encourage employee drivers and IC’s alike to customize their screen layout, sequence their own stops, or run it through an optimizer. With MobileTek, drivers see expected ETA’s, turn-by-turn directions in their map of choice, along with contactless delivery options like Visual POD’s.

MobileTek eases the burden on drivers, your Ops team, and even your customers with real-time communication that rounds out the experience for all parties involved in the delivery.


Engineered for Storefront or
White Label Deployment

Your clients know you, love you, and most importantly they trust your brand. With the uniquely crafted hyperSHIP app, real-time push notifications and live driver in-motion tracking deliver your customer a clear view of when to expect each delivery. Available to download from your very own branded Apple and Google Storefront, hyperSHIP delivers a seamless mobile app delivery experience to your customers. With hyperSHIP, you can deliver more of what your customers love.

Fast  and Detailed
Order Entry
Track in
Real Time
Apple & Google


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    Key Software has been our vendor since 2009. We've been able to evolve the solutions we can provide to our courier clients because of the constant developments they make to their product. They have proven time and time again to be … More easy to work with. We truly value this partnership!
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    Great company to work with have been a customer for a long time and I can honestly say that our experience has been great with this company thus far !
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    Key has developed a truly amazing system. In the 15 years that I have been a user, the system has improved and expanded in many useful ways. It is an integral part of my company's growth, and is a selling point with new clients, both … More local, as well as international.
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    Excellent product, Awesome Support and open to hearing new ideas.
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    Outstanding courier and delivery software. Always on the cutting edge of the industry and open to customer feedback and ideas. The Key Software team is the best!!