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Interconnect dispatch management software is the single, largest technological advancement the courier and messenger industry has seen in 30 years.  Integrate with Last Mile Carriers that are using Xcelerator through Interconnect and have instant connections.

By creating a virtual, nationwide courier management network, Interconnect allows users to increase revenue and capture new business instantly. Interconnect works in tandem with our Xcelerator dispatch management software and MobileTek delivery management software to expand your business capabilities and bring in new clients.


Full Coverage
in all 50 states


101 Companies
participated in an Interconnect transaction in 2021


Over 2.5M
Orders in Interconnect since release


Avg increase in revenue per company that used interconnect


Eliminate shipment-status phone calls, faxes and emails with agents


Leverage technology of your agent partners


Maintain single point of contact for your customers


Gain new business from partners in other regions


Compete with Larger Courier Services

Partner with an Xcelerator user in another part of the country to increase your geographic footprint. Our online dispatch software provides both partners with a seamless, real-time information exchange that is invisible to customers. Since an east coast Xcelerator courier software user can partner with another user on the west coast, both partners can enlarge their geographic service area, delivering packages across the country.

save time money

Save Time and Money

Our real-time automated dispatch–to–dispatch communications system is synchronized so each partner company can see critical time sensitive information, including a signature and scan history, eliminating time–consuming emails and costly phone calls and faxes.

customer service

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Shipment details are just seconds away with our delivery management software, no matter where the package is located. Respond to customer inquiries with ease, and never turn down a customer again because you don’t service their shipping destination area.


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