It’s no secret that trucking and final mile delivery companies are being heavily relied on during this crisis. From social media posts to conversations with customers, we are seeing and hearing incredible stories about companies and individuals, Champions, who are going above and beyond expectations to support our country, local communities, and of course, your customers. We want to recognize and honor your Champions that you feel have risen to the occasion, to make an incredible impact on the lives they touch.


This past year and a half, our team of drivers stepped up to challenges that COVID-19 brought to the courier industry. They adjusted to a new environment as our clients shut down offices, driver workforce decreased, and critical medical-related delivery needs increased, particularly COVID specimens. These deliveries required special attention to detail all while following strict CDC guidelines. We were able to successfully deliver thousands of COVID-19 specimens to be tested all because of our drivers. They are an essential part of the outbreak response team for many of our clients and do so much more than pickup and drop off. They are critical thinkers, problem solvers, and move lives forward. Thank you to all Excel Courier drivers!


It is with great pleasure that I recommend Merchant Brown as one of our hero’s. On April 3rd, I drove to the city with Merchant Brown, (our facility manager) and reviewed an opportunity to donate our services to deliver 250 meals per day to our front line hero’s.

That initiative grew to over 25,000 meals per week.I leaned on Merchant to be the point person for client relations and driver training
and support.

Larry Zogby
RDS Same Day Delivery


During the unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic, 24/7 Enterprises LLC was one of the few businesses that was blessed to be able to stay in operation and keep its doors open in order to continue serving its clients. This could not have been accomplished without a handful of dedicated employees who we consider to be our Champions. To us, a Champion is one who goes above and beyond and throughout the pandemic our employees were faced with many new and sometimes challenging obstacles while completing their runs and yet they were capable of overcoming each and every one. Due to their dedication, fearlessness and perseverance we would like to thank our Champions who stood tall during the threat and excelled!
Jessica Marino
24/7 Enterprises LLC.


Frank has been the driving force behind CDL during this crisis, as he always is. He went over and above back in March to get PPE
supplies for CDL’s in-house employees, when there were none to be found. Gloves, masks, sanitizer, wipes. He managed to find these things so CDL’s people could keep working safely. He is on the floor of our HUBs every day, bright and early, making sure that people are complying with these safety procedures. He puts our people first, even above his own safety. Even before this crisis Frank was the ear that any CDL employee or contractor knew was there to hear about any problem they might have and work to fix it. Frank truly cares about people and we at CDL appreciate him.


While many businesses ground to a halt during the virus crisis, the transportation industry, and in particular CDL, only got busier. Because of the type of products we handle (food kits, medications, payroll documents) our volume grew during the crisis at a time when staffing concerns loomed over us all. Would we be able to handle the work? Managing a large in-house staff in our main sorting facility became a huge challenge. Curfews and stay at home orders kept entire shifts of workers from being able to get to the building, usually in the overnight hours. James somehow managed to keep staff in place and keep the freight flowing. His facility feeds the other 5 CDL HUBs and over 50,000 packages a night get received, sorted, and shipped out to other facilities to be delivered. Without James and his ability to roll with the punches CDL would have come to a screeching halt. This is on top of his normal day to day management duties, as well as supervising CDL’s growing Customer Service department. James makes it all happen.

Adam F. Autera
CDL Last Mile Solutions


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