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How will the software vendor you choose, remain to be a quality partner for years to come? By providing you with a consistently evolving tech platform. Look for a company with a business model that is built around consistently updating their platform on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.  Frequent software updates enable you to: […]

Thank you to the CLDA for putting on an excellent Final Mile Forum and Expo event this year. It was wonderful to see friends and customers in the exciting city of New Orleans. Attending events like the CLDA Final Mile Forum enables us to grow existing relationships and quickly form new ones. We also approach […]

After you migrated to a new software platform and you’re making deliveries with ease, what happens when you need help? When you need support, you are in a bind with your customer and need help now. Most providers have an automated phone system, leaving you with an empty feeling inside, hoping someone checks the voicemail […]

2022 was a fantastic year for Key Software Systems – not only for our team, but for our customers who trust their business with us. Thank you for choosing Key Software Systems! Great work this year and thank you for being such an integral part of our growth in 2022. Beyond the hundreds of minor […]

Fear of change is the #1 reason companies stay with an underperforming software application. The process seems daunting, and it can be, until you have a plan. Find an experienced software vendor with a proven track record of successfully moving businesses onto their platform within 30 days. Discuss the migration plan at length with the […]

Identify your top 3-5 business challenges that need to be addressed with new technology. Discussing these challenges openly can be an incredible experience that helps you find new ways to optimize and grow your business.  It also helps your software vendor find creative solutions to your business challenges and sets the stage for building a […]

The growth of e-commerce has driven businesses to look for convenient ways to tap into the potential target markets presented by both the B2B and B2C segments. Courier dispatch software helps businesses to convert this dream into reality. It has helped improve both the prospects and capacity of manufacturers enabling them to tap into the […]

Engineered for Storefront or White Label Deployment Your clients know you, love you, and most importantly, they trust your brand.  With the uniquely crafted hyperSHIP app, the real-time push notifications and live driver in-motion tracking, deliver your customers a clear view of when to expect each and every delivery. Available to download from your very […]

In May 2020, there was a huge increase in web searches for online grocery delivery, amid the COVID-19 outbreak. These trends drove rapid acceleration in the US courier delivery market, expanding the size to an estimated $133.8 billion in 2022. Image Source: IBIS World This was not a temporary phase that ended with the reopening of the economy. […]


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