Comprehensive Software for Multi Shipment Final Mile Delivery

Customized logistics and final mile delivery providers require a technology platform that brings agility, speed, and automation to keep your teams and customers synchronized throughout the delivery lifecycle. Final Mile delivery providers are choosing Key Software for a customizable technology platform that delivers results across on-demand, e-commerce, retail, same day & next day distribution, scheduled & routed, and warehousing verticals. From integrations to settlements and invoicing, Key Software has you covered!



Powerful Comprehensive Software
for Final Mile Delivery
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Dispatch Automation

Experience efficiency and operational excellence with Dispatch Automation. Choose from three modes: Manual, Assisted, or Fully Automated. With Xcelerator, seamlessly transition to automated dispatch, scaling operations with minimal overhead. Assisted Dispatch provides insights into top driver options for each delivery, empowering your operations team to visualize the impact of new orders on existing delivery paths.

Combine Route Optimization with Dispatch Automation for optimal delivery. Includes stop-sequencing, ETA's, time windows, service types, real-time traffic data, and more.

Xcelerator’s Automated Dispatch and Optimization engine boosts on-time performance, reducing delays and enhancing communication across all order lifecycle stages.



  • "Using smartphones for barcode scanning offers a much lower cost than using a dedicated hardware platform from a third-party vendor."
    Adam F. AuteraCDL Last Mile Solutions
  • "Xcelerator and MobileTek have been wonderful for us. We recently switched to the software and the capabilities for our clients as well as communications with our agents and IC’s out in the field has been overwhelmingly successful. We are a much better company, we are much better for our suppliers and our customers because of this software."
    Errol CvernSelect Express and Logistics
  • "It has been a pleasure working with Xcelerator as a company and with its staff. Choice has found Xcelerator to be a very responsive, cooperative and informative partner. All questions have been answered in a timely fashion and testing was arranged in a similar fashion (thorough and complete). These qualities permit us to proceed smoothly with new deployments; in addition, it allows us to support many of the existing courier management software interfaces we currently have in place. All in all it has been and continues to be a positive experience."
    Robert Ortiz, Director of Information SystemsChoice Logistics
  • "We have been using Xcelerator and MobileTek since 2009. Xcelerators Interconnect has had a positive effect on what we do, we have customers that are asking us for help throughout the country, with the help of Interconnect we are in affect their nationwide provider. I think the whole 3PL environment is going to grow and Xcelerator’s Interconnect is just a natural fit for this."
    Harold Boyett, President, CEOBlue Streak Couriers
  • "Xcelerator is the by far the best technology partner Avant has used and hyperSHIP is a perfect example of their pro-active approach to this partnership."
    Mark Chiusano, PresidentAvant Business Services
  • "Key has really partnered with Capital Express. They have been really innovative, helped us to be very competitive in our market."
    Mollie RiddleCapital Express, Inc.
  • "Key Software is top notch in everything they do, so I knew whatever route optimization service they would bring to the table would handle my business. And I was right."
    Jimmy Kostro, FounderMeal Plan Delivery


As the leading provider of courier and dispatch management software, we serve clients of every size across the nation. We encourage you to compare our software and support against that of our competitors and we're confident that you'll want to join the over 250 companies we serve and are proud to have as valued clients.


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